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Company Summary

Iterum Therapeutics plc: Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we are a clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing significantly differentiated anti-infectives aimed at combating the global crisis of multi-drug resistant (MDR) pathogens to significantly improve the lives of people affected by serious and life-threatening diseases around the world.

We are pursuing a balanced development strategy with multiple opportunities intended to treat the organisms responsible for many serious infections, which the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has determined to be inadequately addressed by current therapies1.

  • Existing medications representing the standard of care are experiencing high failure rates
  • In the US alone, over 2,000,000 people are sickened annually with antibiotic-resistant infections resulting in the deaths of 23,000 patients every year2,3
  • The CDC & Infectious Disease Society of America (IDSA) have outlined an urgent need for new therapies to combat increasing global resistance2,4

The Company is led by industry veteran Corey Fishman.

Mr. Fishman has over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience including negotiating and successfully selling two pharma companies for ~$1.5B, leading a wide variety of functions and raising over $600M of capital to-date (including two successful IPOs – one of which was for Iterum Therapeutics plc).

Prior to founding Iterum Therapeutics, Mr. Fishman served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer of Durata Therapeutics. Inc. where he oversaw all aspects of finance and administration, strategy, manufacturing, business development, international operations and portfolio optimization. While at Durata, he raised over $225M in capital, including a successful IPO and secondary public offering as well as led the negotiation and sale of the company to Actavis plc in 2014. Previously, Mr. Fishman served as CFO of MedPointe Healthcare, Inc., a private equity backed specialty pharmaceutical company, where he was responsible for finance, strategy, business development, portfolio optimization and manufacturing; he ultimately led the negotiation and sale of the company to Meda AB.

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